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About Us

Viña Aresti, a company of the ACW Group, one of Chile’s most prestigious family winegrowing businesses, currently produces and markets several brands around the world.

The foundations of Viña ARESTI are the passion for excellence of its founder, Vicente Aresti Astica.

After he passed, at 92, his daughters Begoña and Ana María Aresti López took over their father’s endeavor and furthered the commitment they had learnt from him.

Aresti Today

In 1951, Vicente Aresti Astica acquired the Bellavista Estate in Curicó, a renowned winegrowing valley, and started building a family tradition of excellence in winemaking with passion at the core of their philosophy.

The experience gained in making superior wines helped strengthen the presence of Aresti wines in Chile and around the world.

In 1999 major renovations were undertaken, state-of-the-art technology was introduced in the winery, modern processing techniques were incorporated, and an underground wine cellar was built for premium wines.

In 2012, the founder’s daughters Begoña and Ana María Aresti López took over, keeping their father’s legacy and the family passion alive.

2018 marks the completion of extensive investment plan under which vineyards were reconverted, new plantations were developed, new winemaking techniques were introduced and a world-class bottling line was implemented.


Viña Aresti is managed by a team of leading professionals with strong commitment and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Jon Usabiaga – Chief Winemaker

Agricultural Engineer-Enologist from P. Universidad Católica de Chile and an active member of the National Association of Agricultural Engineers-Enologists.

Since he joined ACW in 2005, Jon has successfully aligned the style of Aresti wines and consumer tastes, for which he has been rewarded with a number of recognitions from the wine industry.

Marcelo Lorca – Agricultural Manager

Agricultural Engineer and Viticulturist from Universidad Iberoamericana with vast experience in R&D of winegrowing projects, including sustainability-oriented, traditional and organic vineyard management.

Since he joined ACW in late 2013, not only did Marcelo bring in his technical and administration expertise and his passion for grape growing and the production of wines with an identity of their own, but he also successfully linked the winemaking and production departments.

Our Team

Aresti Book

Download the Aresti book here.

Aresti Book